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A Great Value Red Wine

Once in a while you run across a wine that just over-delivers in a crazy way.  This is one of those times.  Below are the notes on a Nero D’avola we recently opened.    Nero D’avola is a Sicilian grape and a wine that is generally pretty full bodied with bold fruit and a lot of wine for the money.  This particular one took it to another level, at least for us.  Here are the notes:

CIMG1978Wine:    2012 Villa Pozzi Nero D’avola        Winery Location:   Sicily

Tasted By:      Neil & Cheri                                    Date:     August 2013

Tasting Notes:  Belying its price, this wine delivers across the full spectrum for those who like fuller red wines.  It’s dark purple to the rim, and provides dark fruit aromas.  There’s a little earthiness here in the background.  It’s full of those dark fruits on the palate, and presents as rich and round with deep flavors.  The finish is long.  It leaves you with a stunned look on your face asking the question: “This cost how much?”  Long and juicy.  Really, really good.  Cheri says it’s “cozy wine” and loves it.

Price Point –    It was on the 2 for $14 shelf, so call it $7.  Nutso crazy value here.

Would We Buy It?    Yes, by the case.  I suggest you do too after you try a bottle.  If you don’t love this wine at this price please let me know why.

For us this is one of those rare chances to drink outstanding wine for mediocre wine prices.  Yummy, yummy, yummy.

A votre sante!

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