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A Must Buy, Value Cabernet from Chile

As we have said before, one of the greatest things that happens in wine is when you find one that costs far below what it should.  These happen occasionally, you just have to find them, or stumble across them.  We are happy to report on one of those rare bottles here, and this one found us.  A single sample from a Chilean producer found its way to Red Wine Please!, and we are very glad it did.  We certainly will have to explore more from this winery.  Others apparently agree, as this wine has garnered 90+ scores from some very well known wine rating publications, such as Wine Spectator, James Suckling and more.  Here it is:

montgras antu cab 2013Wine:   2013 Vina Montgras Cabernet Sauvignon Antumontgras antu 2013 lower label

Winery Location:  Maipo Valley, Chile

Tasted By:  Neil & Cheri                   Date:  February, 2016

Tasting Notes:  a beautiful ruby red wine, this has the most amazing nose right out of the bottle of coffee cream.  It’s very unusual and delightful, and the wine just smells delicious.  The fruit is subdued at first, probably because the coffee just sort of blows you away.  On the palate the wine delivers the same, and that creamy taste is wild and all good.  After letting it open the creaminess disappears, but the coffee remains.  Now the traditional Cabernet fruit makes an appearance, and black currant is there.  Herbal notes and some spice are also very evident.  This is complex and medium+ bodied. Well integrated tannins help frame the finish, along with just enough acid to keep it balanced.  That finish is also long.  This is really good wine, period.

Price Point –    Suggested Retail Price of $11.99, seriously.  This is a crazy good value.

Would We Buy It?    we would probably buy this if it was $21.99.  At $11.99 this is a case buy.  Without a doubt one of the best values we have run into in a long time.  You must try this.

We love it when value is so extreme it just sort of smacks you.  This one left a bruise, but it’s a good one!

A votre santé!

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