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A Spanish Cabernet, Not Worth Searching For

Today we review a Spanish Cabernet that is a blast from the past.  Years ago we tried a Cabernet from Raimat, I think it was a 1997, and loved it.  The bottle had been opened at an Italian restaurant on Cape Cod, and then we searched high and low for a case but it was basically sold out.  We never did get any of that wine for our cellar, but recently I stumbled across this Cabernet and grabbed a bottle to try.  Hopefully it would live up to its ancestors and surprise me.

This was not to be.  Tasting notes follow:

IMG_0005Wine:  2008 Raimat Cabernet Sauvignon

Winery Location:  Spain

Tasted By:   Neil & Cheri                             Date:  April 2014

Tasting Notes:     – this is dark purple/red in the glass with berries on the nose.  There is some earthiness and a savory quality as well.  Also some cherry cough syrup comes through, carrying a little rubbery odor which quickly dissipated.  There is noticeable oak.  Medium bodied the palate provides red and black fruit with some tannins present.  It’s really not very complex, especially in light of the aromas, and the finish disappoints as well.  This actually reminds me of a slightly more tannic version of the Foxbrook Cabernet we reviewed earlier.  The Foxbrook actually has a longer finish.  The Raimat is from the Costers del Segre DO.

Price Point –   $12

Would We Buy It?  not ever.  If you consider the comparison to the Foxbrook, and that the Foxbrook is $4, that sums it up pretty well.  There are a lot of wines in the $10-$15 range that will absolutely blow this away.  It’s disappointing and not worth trying in our opinion.  Of course you should probably form your own, but I’d suggest you form an opinion of something else.

They’re not all good!

A votre sante!

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