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Another Good California Pinot Noir – This Time Under $15

Finding good Pinot Noir under $20 can be difficult.  We’ve highlighted a few recently, and here is another one which is actually likely to run you under $15.  This is a good thing when it happens.  Let’s take a look:

old lyme 15Wine:   2013 Greg Norman Estates Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County

Winery Location: From Santa Barbara Fruit

Tasted By:   Neil & Cheri                      Date:  January 2016  

Tasting Notes: –  Dark color, rich nose of fruit including black cherry and some oak.  Fairly rich palate as well.  Light tannins and good acid keep it fresh. Stays clean throughout. Very nice wine all around.  This isn’t going to make you forget any of the higher end California, Oregon or Burgundy Pinots, but for the price it is quite nice and a solid bottle.

Price Point –    Under $15, sometimes closer to $10

Would We Buy It?    between $10 and $15 we would.  It’s a good everyday bottle of Pinot Noir with some character and nice fruit.  You can do much worse in this price range.

So pick up a bottle next time you’re browsing and see if you agree.  We think it’s worth buying.

A votre santé!

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