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The Signature Meritage

The Signature Meritage

2 comments to The Signature Meritage

  • My argument has alyaws been that most people don’t know the diff b/w a really good wine and a prettty good one, so there’s not a lot of point in spending some ridiculous amount. For fifteen dollars or less there’s lots of of pretty good wines my top two: Barefoot Merlot. It’s about five bucks and plummy and chocolatey. Red Bicyclette Shiraz. It’s a heartier wine and around ten bucks.

    • admin

      I agree with your first statement, that a lot of people don’t know the difference between an excellent wine and a good one. I think there is a big difference though, and will splurge sometimes. The best is finding an excellent wine at good wine prices. Can;t agree on the Barefoot though, not a fan of their wines. All that really matters is you drink what you like.

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