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Dining Review of the Old Lyme Inn in Old Lyme CT. – Near The Florence Griswold Museum

0926141823On the way to the recent Greenwich Wine and Food Festival we stopped in Lyme, CT to grab some dinner.  A perusal of available choices and their menus led us to try the Old Lyme Inn.  We had actually been inside this building years before, stopping to check it out on our way back from the Florence Griswold Museum, which is practically across the street.  Back then it was a stuffy old building, with a definitive musty odor that put us off.  Apparently the entire building was renovated two years ago, and we can report that the results are pretty spectacular.

As well as being an inn, it houses a fine bar, elegant restaurant and, through The Side Door,

The well stocked bar

The well stocked bar

an evening jazz club.  We popped in early and seated ourselves at the bar for a cocktail.  The bar is well appointed, and the alcohol quality is high, as well drinks here are made with beverages reserved for top shelf at some establishments.  The wines by the glass list was very good, and I had an excellent Cava, something you don’t see everywhere.  Bottle selections covered all the major regions and styles.  You could find a representative example of just about anything you might want.

The cozy dining room

The cozy dining room

We moved to a table for dinner, and here you have several options.  There is a dining room adjoining the bar, another large dining room on a lower level, and a small, quiet dining room behind the stair, which is where we chose to sit.  It’s a quaint and cozy space, and we enjoyed a very relaxed meal looking out the window onto the front patio where a fire was roaring in an open fire pit.  That would have to wait for coffee however.

Dinner started with fried oysters for me and a squash bisque for Cheri.  The oysters were tasty, the bisque was as well, and we were off to a good start.  For

Fried Oysters

Fried Oysters

entrees Cheri ordered the short ribs with risotto, and I ordered the NY sirloin with potatoes and root veggies.  Cheri’s was very homey, loaded with all the flavors you wold expect in that dish and the risotto was well cooked.  Mine was seasoned very well,

Delicious short ribs and risotto

Delicious short ribs and risotto

and the veggies were flavorful, firm and not mushy.  It was, however, far beyond the medium rare I had ordered.  Fortunately it was not dried out, and I ate every bite of it.  To their credit, when I pointed it out they came back and comped our wine.  This really was more than necessary, as the steak was still delicious.  Still, you appreciate it when a restaurant expects to be perfect, and tries to make up for not being so.  Overall this was very good.

We did adjourn to the front patio and the roaring fire for coffee, where we spent an enjoyable half hour chatting with a couple that were staying overnight.   We wished we

The roaring fire

The roaring fire

were too actually, as there was a very comfortable feel to the Old Lyme Inn, and we easily would have been content to have a room waiting for us upstairs and another glass of wine or two.  We’ll have to return sometime and do just that, and we’ll update our findings with an Inn report.

The Old Lyme Inn is well worth stopping at if you’re driving by, as it is right off Route 95 in Old Lyme.  It’s also worth a special trip, as the service was top notch, the food was in general very good, and the whole experience left us quite happy.  We actually stopped in on our way home two days later for brunch, and the experience was just as good.

Our wallet is out at the Old Lyme Inn, and we’ll be returning at some point.

The particulars:

The Old Lyme Inn – 85 Lyme Street – Old Lyme CT – 06371

(860) 434 – 2600

A votre sante!
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