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Great Value Wine – Available!

This blog is about a great value wine we ran across recently.  A lot of times, when we write about one of these it was on a sale shelf and we’ve cleaned it out, so you can’t buy any (sorry about that, but hey – you’d do the same).  That is not the case this time however.  The wine store had fifteen six packs of this left when I bought my case today, so you can get some if you want it.  I suggest you do, because this is some seriously great wine for the money.


Do you like Brunello?  I love Brunello.  2004 was a great year for Brunello, and I bought about two cases of assorted producers.  I’ve opened two or three, kind of early as I like to age good Brunello about ten years before drinking it, but they were good.  The wedding wine we opened two weeks ago was a 2004 Brunello, and it was perfectly aged, but that was a large bottle and was a lighter style.  Anyway, this is not Brunello we’re talking about here, but decant it for half an hour and close your eyes – you won’t know it.  In fact, someone could hand this to you and tell you it was $50 a bottle Brunello and you would say “this is good”.

It’s actually Rosso di Montalcino, Brunello’s little brother.  The younger vines go into Rosso, and typically produce a lighter, leaner wine that is easy drinking and one of my favorites for hanging around and sipping.  This is not like that.  It is deep, big, complex and just yummy.  There’s quite a bit of smokey wood originally but that smooths out.  What a great value.  As I said – give it half an hour to an hour in a decanter and this just melds together into a nice glass of vino.

So here are the tasting notes:

Wine:    2004 Castero Rosso di Montalcino         Winery Location:   Tuscany

Tasted By:          Neil & Cheri                                       Date:     April 2013

Tasting Notes:       Where to start: deep red in the glass with a tinge of amber at the edges.  Dark fruit and smokey wood everywhere.  The wood is actually a little more than I like when it comes out of the bottle, but the fruit is really good and almost balances it out.  It’s big and long, with a lot going on.  Then you wait, and the wood mellows and the edges come off, and all the flavors just sort of meld.  You take a sip, hold the glass away from you a bit and ask “this was how much?”  I love it.  You might not, who knows, but you really should find out.

Price Point –    On sale for $10 at Kingstown Liquor Mart

Would We Buy It?    would, did, might go back and get more.  I bought a case and am thinking I should have bought two.  They have 15 six packs left.

Which brings us to where I got this – Kingstown Liquor Mart on Post Road in North Kingstown, just north of Seven Moons Restaurant.  They are a great place to shop for wine (and most other alcoholic beverages for that matter).  In the back they have bin sales (which is where we buy almost all of our everyday wine) and lots of twofers, threefers and so on.  In the back right as you face the back of the store is the good stuff that’s on sale.  That’s where you’ll find this and many other good values.  Several wines written up here have come off their sale racks.

By the way – they have an excellent scotch selection as well, not to mention the ports.

Here’s their info:

Kingstown Liquor Mart

6800 Post Rd  North Kingstown, RI 02852

(401) 884-4203


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