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Something White, Refreshing and Different – Furmint!

furmintThere are so many wines being produced all over the world that you really should branch out and try some of them.  Alternatives for your go-to white or red abound.  This is potentially one of those alternatives.  Traditionally the grape is known as a main component of Tokaji, considered for centuries as a delicious, rare, sweet (to various degrees) dessert wine.  From the Tokaj region in Hungary and Slovakia, the wine is made to various numbers of puttonyos, with six being the highest.  The puttonyo scale is a reference back to when small containers (puttonyos), of concentrated, sweet grape mash (called aszu) were added to the cask of base wine.  Now it simply refers to style.  A 3-4 puttonyo wine is moderately sweet.  A six puttonyo wine is quite sweet.

Furmint makes very good dry white wines as well, as this wine will attest to.

Wine:  2013 EVOLUCIO Furmint                  Winery Location: Tokaj, Hungary

Tasted By:    Neil & Cheri                                 Date:  March 2015

Tasting Notes:   the wine is a light golden straw color, with a big, fruity nose.  The fruits are more on the exotic side, and nectarine, mango and blood orange popped out.  On the palate it is very pure and clean, and there is a slight sensation or hint of residual sugar, but it is still in the dry category.  The fruit is there as well, and pink grapefruit added itself to the party.  Overall there is a lot going on in this wine.  A great acid balance, clean finish and long ending make for a very pleasing white wine.  It really is delicious.

Price Point –    $12

Would We Buy It?    yes.  This is different, delicious and reasonably priced.  How can you go wrong?

Try something different today.   I found this note buried in my notebook, so we’ve been remiss in publishing it.  You could have enjoyed the wine much sooner!

A votre sante!

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