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Two Wines – May 2013

Two more wines tried here, and two more reviewed.  One is another of the 2003 Bordeaux from the cellar, and while good this did not overwhelm me.  The other is a very good everyday kind of wine, and every vintage of it we have tried has been worth buying.  Here they are:

Wine:    2003 Chateau Lagrange                     Winery Location:  Bordeaux

CIMG1680Tasted By:     Neil                                                  Date:    May 2013

Tasting Notes:       Deep purple red.  Some fruit on the nose but this is restrained.  It’s got classic left bank cabernet flavors, but is somewhat tight.  It’s tannic still out of the bottle and a little closed down.  The overall impression is it still needs more time.  There is good fruit, and it has excellent length.  If you want to drink it now then decant it for an hour.  This is not the best showing of the 2003 Bordeaux we have opened, falling far short of the Faugeres and Meyney.

Price Point –    It was about $35 as a future, about $45 now.

Would We Buy It?    Probably not at $45.  This is not the best of the excellent 2003 Bordeaux we have tried over the past year.  There are better deals for drinking now.  See the 2003 Chateau Faugeres.


Wine:        2011 Josh Cabernet                          Winery Location:   California

CIMG1682Tasted By:       Neil & Cheri                                 Date:     May 2013

Tasting Notes:       This is deep purple/red out of the bottle.  We have a fruit bomb on our hands here, and it is really juicy.  There are tons of fruit on both the  nose and palate.  After a few hours it opened more and deepened a bit, exhibiting more complexity and classic cabernet flavors.  It is full bodied and has good length.

Price Point –    $10.50 locally.

Would We Buy It?    We would definitely buy this.  At $10.50 this is a really good value.   Overall a yummy cabernet and something we’ll add to the value list.

There you have it – a yummy young cab and a less than stellar (but still good) older Bordeaux.  We’d buy the young cab.  We’d buy other 2003 Bordeaux before we buy the Lagrange.

A votre sante!

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