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A Low Priced and Easy Drinking Riesling from Avia

Here we’ll take a step back from a lot of the more expensive bottles we’ve been reviewing lately (more expensive to us that is, still pretty reasonable in the grand scheme of things). Let’s talk about something truly inexpensive, that checks in for around $5 – $6.  It’s quite good, very drinkable and will work great at a party as well.  We’ve reviewed a few wines from Avia before, and you can read about them here.  This is another white wine from that line, the Riesling, and it is an equally impressive value.  Here’s the wine:

IMG_1045Wine:   2012 Avia Riesling                    Winery Location:   Brda, Slovenia

Tasted By:    Neil & Cheri                     Date: January 2015

Tasting Notes:  – this is very light straw colored, with a nice clean nose of apple and pear.  There’s a discernible telltale petrol marker as well, and this comes across as a lighter but classic German style Riesling.  Some bright acidity on the palate really makes the fruit pop.  It’s dry and went really well with some Asian meatballs we whipped up.  The finish is very clean and the wine would work with seafood or poultry, Mexican or Chinese.  It works well all by itself.

Price Point –    $5 – $6

Would We Buy It?  absolutely.  This is a great value at a very, very inexpensive price.  All of the whites we’ve tried from Avia are excellent.

You don’t have to spend a lot to drink perfectly good wine.  This is a great example.  Now, we will say that it’s much harder to find a good red at this level, although it is occasionally possible.  We’ve reviewed several Portuguese wines that fit that bill.  But this is about white, and the Avia whites from Goriska Brda are good.  At these prices you can afford to buy a case!

A votre sante!

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