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Dining Review of Todd English’s bluezoo at Walt Disney World

CIMG2347This is the last, and somewhat overdue, review of the restaurants we visited during our recently past Christmas holiday.  Todd English’s bluezoo is located at the Dolphin Resort on the EPCOT lagoon.  This area is probably our favorite place to stay at Disney World, as you have direct access to two parks from this spot without getting in a car or on a bus.  That is a big plus.  The resorts in this area also sport some of the best restaurants to be had while visiting the mouse, and the Boardwalk area is also worth a little fun time as well.

We were a little uncertain where to eat our last night at the parks, and were contemplating just

The palm tree lane

The palm tree lane

going into EPCOT and getting some fast food (very unlike us).  Alex suggested bluezoo, and they happened to have an open reservation for 7:00, which we took.  While we waited for the reservation time, we strolled to our favorite bar in the area, at the Boardwalk Resort, and had a few drinks and a family poker game.  This was a great way to pass an hour or so, and while I lost big it didn’t matter.  We were also not playing for real money, so it really didn’t matter.

The area was beautifully decorated for Christmas, with the palm trees lining the lane between the Dolphin and Swan all lit up in color changing lights.  After a very pleasant stroll (the

The bar area

The bar area

weather was great) we found ourselves at bluezoo.  We did have to wait a few minutes, but were then seated at a nice table in the back of the restaurant.  The ambiance here is trying to create an under the sea feeling, and it works.  Lots of shimmer and blue colors add to the effect.  Predictably the menu is seafood heavy, but there is something for everyone here.  That included our sometimes vegetarian, who managed to do just fine.

The wine list is very good, with lots of reasonably priced selections as well as some big hitters. CIMG2337 There was a $1600 magnum of Opus One available, but we didn’t bite.  I had some prosecco as I was going straight seafood. Alex had a 15 year old Nikka Yiochi scotch, an interesting Japanese single malt (amber and slightly sweet, with a little smokiness).  Appetizers included a simple Margherita Pizza, done well with a nice homemade crust and tangy sauce, as well as a Bibb Salad.  The bread was ciabatta and focaccia, and both were warm and served with a fennel butter that really had nice, subtle anise flavors (and I generally don’t like anise).

The main courses were a grilled Mahi Mahi with a crab dijon topping, the two pound butter poached lobster, the vegetable cassoulet and then both Alex and I opted for the Spicy Rubbed Swordfish over Taso risotto.  No one complained.  Cheri’s Mahi Mahi was perfectly cooked and the dijon sauce was wonderful.  The lobster

Make up oysters

Make up oysters

came shelled, with a sculpted lobster of veggies and rice underneath it.  Quite a beautiful plate there.  The swordfish was also perfectly cooked, and the tasso risotto was not overdone with a nice hammy quality that accented rather than overpowered.  My only complaint was that one of the four littlenecks that came with my swordfish was empty!  Not a huge deal but still something that shouldn’t happen.  To make up for it they brought out three complimentary blue point oysters, so I was perfectly happy.

CIMG2343 CIMG2341 CIMG2340

Dessert featured an array of truffles from the dessert chef, who apparently has won twice at the Pastry Olympics.  They ranged from amaretto, passion fruit, pistachio and rasberry to Grand Marnier and coffee, plus a few more.  We nibbled on these for a while and they were excellent and fun.  Add in some coffee and a glass of tawny port and the night ended well.

Service at bluezoo was, and generally is, excellent.  Tony, our head waiter, was informative and really knew the menu front and back.  This was a quality dining experience from start to finish and we will return again when we are in the area.



Highly recommended.  Our wallet is out when we are near bluezoo.

A votre sante!
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