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Extreme Value White Wine – Try a Torrontes!

This one is a keeper, a great value, complex white wine which just over delivers in a big way.  Everyone has heard of Malbec, the red wine of Argentina, and many other places.  Malbec is also one of the five red grapes of Bordeaux.   Not as many know Argentina’s predominant white grape, that being Torrontes.  Torrontes can produce a complex white, or an easy drinking white.  This one is both, but really the complexity strikes you, especially when you consider the price.  Here are our notes:

Cepas TorrontesWine:  Bodega Lanzarina 2012 Monte Cepas Torrontes

Winery Location:   Menodoza

Tasted By:  Neil & Cheri             Date:     July 2015

Tasting Notes:    the wine is pale yellow and quite brilliant.  On the nose I got lemon or maybe orange.  There was a lot more there as well, so out came the wine aroma kit and soon we had added Red Currant Bud and Muscat to the list.  This is not a simple summer quaffer.  The palate brings citrus fruit.  While it is lighter in body it has a good mouthfeel and presents clean and long.  This wine is really very good.

Price Point –    $3.99.  Not kidding here.

Would We Buy It?   By the case.  This is a great value white, one of the best we have ever run across.  Try it, try it.  You will see!

A votre sante!


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