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Great Value Merlot Around $10

When it comes to everyday wine, meaning the bottle you have open on your kitchen counter or in the fridge, there is nothing better than finding a wine which significantly over delivers in quality when compared to price.  The definition of value is perceived benefit divided by cost, and this wine really shines.  If you wrote off Merlot years ago after seeing the movie Sideways you made a mistake, as there are a lot of world class wines out there made from the Merlot grape.  Take the Right Bank of Bordeaux for one.  Also, some of our favorite wines in the world are 100% Merlot from Italy, such as Galatrona from Petrolo.  These high end examples will set you back some serious cash.  The wine which is the focus of this review will not.

los-osos-merlot-2013Wine:  2013 J. Lohr Los Osos Merlot  

Winery Location:   Paso Robles grapes

Tasted By:    Neil & Cheri                    Date:  October 2016    

Tasting Notes:  this is a dark red with ruby highlights.  The wine is not clear and brilliant, but a little murky and opaque.  On the nose there is ripe plum as well as spice and some savory notes.  As it opens some a touch of caramel and vanilla cream works in.  In the mouth it is almost full bodied, and rich.  The tannins build slowly, and attack the tip of the tongue more than the roof of your mouth, which can be a sign this is Merlot and not Cabernet.  Dark fruit dominates a very nice, complex, long and satisfying wine drinking experience.  This is very good juice.  If it was  just a touch richer, had a tiny bit more body, and really exhibited the smallest amount more in every category it would be great.  It’s right there, but falls back to merely really good.  We’re more than OK with that at the price.

Price Point –   $9.99 on sale.  Generally more in the $12 to $13 range based on

Would We Buy It?    we would, we did, and it was by the case.  This is just shy of a great wine, but makes for a great everyday wine and value.  Well done in this price range.  Case buy.  And don’t shy away because it is Merlot!

If you get a chance try some world class Merlot and reset your filters.  Remember when the main character from Sideways, who hated Merlot so much, was drinking his prized bottle of Cheval Blanc at the end of the movie?  Cheval Blanc is a blend of Cabernet Franc and most frequently . . . . wait for it . . . . . Merlot!  You can’t always believe what you hear.

A votre sante!



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