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More Cava Bubbles – the Spanish Series Part 15

Mas Fi LogoWe introduced one of our favorite areas in the world in sparkling wine, Penedès, in our previous article on Spanish wines, which you can read here.  In this article we present two additional bubbly Cavas from Penedès, from the Masachs Estate.  This brand, Mas Fi, offers some great values.  You can read more about the producer on their website at  That’s where we borrowed the following excerpt:

“Cava Mas Fi is the result of our passion and knowledge about Cavas. Due to our experience and leading position in international markets, selling over 1 million bottles of cava worldwide, we started this project in order to offer Mas Fi Vineyardsvery competitive cavas all around the world by working with leading importers and distributors in each market. The band MAS FI means “Ending Farm”, or if you read the etymology with a “romantic” point of view it means, “The Farm from the end of the world”… There, is where we want to be! We offer top quality products at fair prices, so that all the people behind the production of our Cavas are receiving the right renumeration and customers get extremely competitive prices. This is the key to our success! ”

We have two wines from the Mas Fi line to review:

IMG_1210Wine:   Mas Fi Cava Brut NV 

Winery Location:   Penedès, Catalunya, Spain

Tasted By:   Neil                        Date:  September 2017   

Tasting Notes:  this is fresh, with super fine bubbles and a nose of tropical fruit, with some yeasty/toasty notes.  There’s a hint of nectarine as well.  On the palate it is bright, crisp and about the fruit.  Clean through to the finish.  This is amazing for the money.

Price Point –    $11

Would We Buy It?   oh yes.  This is a great value.

and now the Rosé:

IMG_1211Wine:     Mas Fi Cava Brut Rosé NV

Winery Location:   Penedès, Catalunya, Spain

Tasted By:   Neil                Date:      September 2017

Tasting Notes:  nice clean nose of lighter fruits, with strawberry and tangerine.  The palate really brings home the citrus components, and the wine has some elegance as well.  Another pretty amazing wine for the money.  Fine bubbles, and lots of them.

Price Point –    $12

Would We Buy It?   sure would.  This is another great value.

Like Champagne?  Try Cava.  Dollar for dollar we just don’t think much else compares.  You can find some Cremant from Alsace, and other parts of France that are great value alternatives to classic Champagne, but few come close to the price point you can find here.

We’re getting close to the end of the Spanish series, with just Priorat and a final visit to Rioja left.  This has been quite a journey.

You can read the previous installment in the Spanish Series by clicking here.

The wines here, from the Mas Fi line, are imported by our friends at Winesellers Limited.  You can see more of their extensive portfolio on their website at

On we go.

A votre santé!

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