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Rioja in June – Two to Consider

Over the past few weeks we have opened a few new wines, including the two riojas reviewed in this blog.  Rioja is in my top five for wine regions of the world, and can produce unbelievably complex and age worthy reds.  They also produce a lot of yummy values as well, and you can get a good rioja for around $10-$15.  The great ones are far more, alas.  Here are two we picked up for $10 apiece.

CIMG1855Wine:   2008 Vina Zaco Rioja                     Winery Location:   Rioja, Spain

Tasted By:   Neil & Cheri                                     Date:     June 2013

Tasting Notes:       Dark purple red out of the bottle there are dark fruits on the nose.  It’s got a mature wine aspect to it.  It’s not especially old for a Rioja, but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to get much better than it is right now.    There is still life in it, and you could leave it in the cellar for a few more years, but why?  Medium bodied with good length it represents good value.  Nice flavors and some complexity, it’s very enjoyable.

Price Point –    $10 on sale

Would We Buy It?   Yes, this is a good value and has some nice complex and mature flavors.  Yet another Rioja budget bottle well worth the price.


CIMG1857Wine:     2010 Massimo Rioja                            Winery Location:   Rioja, Spain

Tasted By:         Neil & Cheri                               Date:     June 2013

Tasting Notes:       This is dark red out of the bottle with a tiny bit of brownish tinge at the rim.  It has the look of a more mature wine even though it is a 2010.  The nose carries a meaty undertone as well.  Medium bodied at best (and probably not quite that) there is some acid and it almost has a fizzy feeling to it.  Tart fruit comes through.  I’m not a big fan of this.  Have to say it was better the second day, and the flavors had melded and deepened a bit, but it still wasn’t great. 

Price Point –    $10

Would We Buy It?   Nope.  This is not really very good and you can do so much better at this price point.

Summary: buy the Vina Zaco, but avoid the Massimo.  Nobody is perfect, even Rioja.

A votre sante!

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