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Visit to Diamond Hill Vineyards in Cumberland, RI

diamond houseSomething we generally do at least once every year, and preferably more than that, is take the short drive up Route 295 to visit Diamond Hill Vineyards.  As we have previously reported, Diamond Hill is one of our favorite New England wineries.  There are a few reasons for that, including the fact that they still offer free tastings (yes, I said FREE), the location is great for bringing a picnic and sipping a bottle of their wine, their wines are well made, the fruit wines are from 100% fruit (no fruit “essence” here) and they make an estate Pinot Noir that is really good.  All of these set them apart from many of their competitors, and the combination sets them apart from pretty much everyone.  We love their Pinot and we love sitting on the porch diamond 4and picnicking.  On this November day it was a bit cold, but not to worry because they have an inside room with tables and chairs for just this kind of thing!  We grabbed a table for four, as Alex and Cyndi met us there, sipped some wine, nibbled on some food and watched the fire.  This is a great  place to pass some time.

But this is about the wine.  Here is what we sampled from this year’s vintage.  They were out of the Scarlet Run, Peach and Blackberry.  That’s too bad, as we have really enjoyed the Blackberry in previous years.  To the wines!

River Valley White – this is Chardonnay and Riesling, dry, light and crisp and quite refreshing.  Aromas and flavors diamond 5of pear and peach come through.  It finishes very clean.  Very nice wine and $13.50.

diamond 62012 Estate Pinot Noir – they just sold out of 2010, and so the 2012 Pinot Noir is on the shelves.  Diamond Hill makes a very Burgundian style Pinot Noir, with lots of earthy flavors and some funk.  We like it a lot, and have been drinking vintages since 2006.  I actually picked some of the grapes for the 2014 Pinot Noir (read about that here) so we are looking forward to its release.  This wine is pretty typical for Diamond Hill Pinot, although a little darker than some in color.  At the finish I tend to get a little orange zest, which is cool.  $30.

Cranberry Apple – this varies year to year, sometimes more sweet and sometimes more tart.  This particular effort I diamond 1would qualify as close to perfect, as everything is in balance.  It’s on the light side at 11% alcohol.  We bought some for Thanksgiving.  It is delicious and $13.50.

diamond 2Blueberry – another wine that varies widely year to year.  Sometimes it is sweeter, sometimes it is more like a dry wine and sometimes, like this year, it is smokey.  There are savory notes in here as well.  It’s very different and very good.  $16.75

Crush –  a blend of three berries this tends to be very fruity, and this year is no exception.  It is adiamond 3 bit less so than last year though, and I like this effort better.  It would make a great brunch wine.  $16.75

Spiced Apple – pretty typical for this wine, it brings mulled spices and can be enjoyed cold or warm.  Pour it over vanilla ice cream.  $13.50

As usual the quality here is pretty high, especially for a New England winery.  We always buy some to bring home.  I have to go back with my Club Eleven card and get my bottle of Pinot.  Club Eleven is their promotion where after buying 11 bottles you get the 12th free.  That’s a pretty good deal as well.

The secret is apparently out as there was a continuous stream of people visiting while we were there.  Check it out yourself.

The particulars:

Diamond Hill Vineyards, 3145 Diamond Hill Rd., Cumberland, Rhode Island 02864
(401) 333-2751

Website at:

A votre santé!

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