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A First Glance Into 2009 Bordeaux

Since we’re almost through our 2003 Bordeaux, have tried enough of the 2005 to gage quality and progress, and are sometimes a bit impatient we opened a 2009 Bordeaux a little while ago to see what we might have.  The results were pretty spectacular.  Of course this doesn’t translate into a quality assessment across the board, but it certainly is a pretty good initial indication.  Here’s the wine:

2009 MagdelaineWine: 2009 Les Songes de Magdelaine                                                    

Winery Location:  St. Emilion, Bordeaux

Tasted By:   Neil & Cheri                             Date:  May 2014

Tasting Notes:     – Wow!  This is dark purple red in the glass, and presents a fairly intense nose of dark fruits.  There’s some smoky bacon fat notes.  Currant and blackberry come through.  On the palate you get the same.  This is full bodied and rich.  The tannins are approachable now, but this is not going to fade anytime soon.  A very long finish wraps up a really, really good bottle of Bordeaux.  You can drink this now, you can wait five years.  Either way it is really just a killer bottle of wine.  We’ll be looking for more, as we scored a half case of this for about $20 a bottle.  This is the second wine of Chateau Magdelaine in St. Emilion.  We can only imagine what the first wine is like, but it is out of our normal price range.  You probably won’t get to try this wine much longer as Chateau Magdelaine was merged with Chateau Belair-Monange in 2012.  There are only a few vintages left.  It lost it’s Premier Cru Classe ranking that year, which might account for it’s absorption.  I can tell you this 2009 second wine gives no indication that there is not outstanding quality here.  This is good stuff.

Price Point –   We paid about $20.  I’d buy a case at that price if I could find it.  Maybe two!

Would We Buy It? –  at $20 I’d buy it all day long.  On wine-seacher you’re looking at closer to $50, so this will go down as one of the better deals we’ve grabbed.  Outstanding wine.

Sometimes you wish you had bought more.  This is one of those times.

A votre sante!

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