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Casey Flat Ranch on the Shelves in RI!

We’ve been writing about Casey Flat Ranch wines for almost a year now, ever since we tried their wines at the 2013 Newport Mansions Wine and Food Festival.  We love pretty much everything they make, and the best part is they are now available in Rhode Island at various locations.  This really is great news, and you really should try their reds as well as the Sauvignon Blancs.  Great wine at great prices is always a wonderful thing, and their wines hit the mark.

CFR Sauvignon Blanc at Gasbarros

CFR Sauvignon Blanc at Gasbarros

We snapped a couple of pictures of their wines on the shelves at Gasbarros on Federal Hill in Providence.  They have the 2010 Open Range Red at $15.99, the 2012 CFR Sauvignon Blanc at $16.99, the 2012 Open Range Sauvignon Blanc at $13.99, and will soon have the 2010 CFR Estate Red at around $27.  These are all great prices for the quality.  The wines should be on the shelves at ENO and Campus in Providence as well as at Grapes &

Open Range Red

Open Range Red

Grains in Barrington and Newport Wine Cellar on Bellevue Ave in Newport.  Once the word starts to get out my prediction is that these wines will be flying off the shelves.

We can tell you that we’ve tried the 2013 Sauvignon Blancs and the 2011 Reds, and the quality level is as high as ever.  They’re also doing a Rose’ and a Viognier.  Yummy.

We highly suggest you try some of these.  They’re worth it.  When we have Casey Flat in the cellar, which will be pretty much always, it’s hard not to keep reaching for one of their wines every time we open a bottle.

You can read more about their wines at our review of the Newport Mansion Top Ten from last year here, as well as our review of Casey Flat wines here.

Good things come to those who wait, sometimes.

A votre sante!

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