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Furmint Day!!!! – Wednesday, February 1st

furmint day 2What could be better than Furmint Day?  Wait, what’s that?  What is Furmint?  Ahhhh, good question.

Furmint is a white grape indigenous to Hungary.  It has traditionally been one of the two primary grapes in Tokaji (which used to be known as Tokay, sometimes Royal Tokay).   Typically this is a sweet dessert wine, anywhere from slightly sweet to very sweet.  But Furmint also makes an excellent dry white wine.

We like Furmint, and you can read a review we did on one by clicking here.  We also think this entire concept is kind of fun, so we are planning to open a bottle of Furmint on February 1st.  Here are a few fact on the day and the grape:

When did Furmint Day start? – that would be on February 1st, as this will be the first one.

Who Started Furmint Day? – some person in Hungary we do not know.

Why Did They Start Frumint Day? – we assume to raise awareness and eventually generate sales.  We support that as we like Furmint.Furmint Day

You can learn more about this at  If you like the idea, like Furmint, like trying new wines or any combination of these then open a bottle on Wednesday and Tweet to #furmintday.  We’ll be doing exactly that, although we have to go find a bottle.  It’s not something every wine shop carries.

Maybe in a few years it will be though, and Furmint Day will be widely celebrated.

Stranger things have happened.

A votre sante!

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