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Library Wine – 2007 Mt. Veeder Reserve

Since it was our anniversary this past week we pulled a library wine out of one of the wine fridges and splurged a bit.  The wine was the 2007 Mt. Veeder Reserve from Napa.  This wine is a pretty typical Bordeaux blend, although there is no Cabernet Franc to be found.  It’s a blend of 83% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Malbec, 5% Merlot and 3% Petit Verdot.  We love older wines, and whenever you reach for one you’re always hoping it is a good bottle.  This one is not really very old at all, but still there is a bit of trepidation.

Not to worry!  Here are the notes:

mt veeder 2007 reserveWine:  2007 Mt. Veeder Reserve                   Winery Location: Napa

Tasted By:    Neil & Cheri                                 Date: November 2015

Tasting Notes:   This is dark ruby red, showing no signs of age yet.  Long legs cover the glass after you swirl.  The nose brings dark fruits, leather, smoky oak and spice, with a hint of anise.  On the palate the fruits dominate, with blackberry jumping out.  It has approachable tannins, a nice balance, a very long finish and is an overall pretty great wine experience.  Still very fresh it is also rich and elegant.  This is good juice.

Price Point –    I did see it on wine-searcher, for $95.  That’s almost three times what we paid.

Would We Buy It?    not at $95, but then again we buy almost nothing at $95.  At the sale price we found a few years ago I would definitely buy more, but $35 is apparently long gone.  If you find it under $50 take a bottle home and enjoy.

Here we have yet another example of why it is great to have some wine in the cellar.  This is a bottle I had almost forgotten about, and which turned out to be a great investment in wine drinking pleasure.  Surprise!

A votre santé!



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