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Product Review: Barvivo Wood Handle Corkscrew

barvivo screw 1The folks at Barvivo recently sent us a corkscrew for evaluation.  We’ll try anything at least once, within reason, but in this case we tried it many times over the course of several weeks to get a good feel for how the tool measured up.  This is not an expensive corkscrew, checking in at around $12, so you won’t break the bank.  The question is whether or not it’s worth that.  Some inexpensive corkscrews are pretty much worthless, unless you enjoy frustration.

This particular unit is very solidly constructed, made from stainless steel with a wood handle.  All the edges and seams are nicely finished and it looks like a more expensive item.  The hinges were not too loose and not too tight, and it does a very nice job removing wine corks.  There is a little slot along the screw which is supposed to help in not ripping apart corks.  Most times we don’t have a problem with that and thus can’t really offer an opinion on this feature, although we could have pulled a really old bottle to test it.  Based on our results it works great, and the double acting lever pulled both natural and synthetic corks with ease.  The blade on this is also at a good angle for cutting foils, which is handy and adds to the overall comfort of the corkscrew in your hand.  It feels as good as it looks.

Some might prefer a straight blade to the serrated one this provides, but that is neither here nor there at this price.  The only negative comment we have is that the bottle opener is not the best, and could have used a longer lever arm to really be effective.  It will work, but it’s not the easiest opener in the world if you’re going for a micro-brew.

If you’re opening a wine bottle though this thing is a good value.  It seems like it will last a long time.

You can get one on Amazon at

It’s under $13 and comes with a lifetime warranty.  I’m not saying it’s as good as the top end Laguiole Cheri gave me for a birthday present years ago, but it is pretty darn good for the money.

A votre santé!


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